A guide on how to sell a home as an English speaker in Denmark

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Like in all other countries, selling your home in Denmark is done in a certain way. In some countries the cost for selling is shared between sellers and buyers, in other countries, the buyer pays and in some countries, the seller pays the estate agency fee. The latter is the case in Denmark; The seller pays the estate agency fee.

Estate agency fee in Denmark

The average estate agency fee in Denmark is 85.000 DKK. With the traditional estate agencies, there is no fixed cost and you negotiate the fee for selling your home including what is available in the package. The sum is most often not counted as a percentage of the property value, but instead a lump sum. It is extremely hard for people who don’t know the process, to understand an offering from an agent. This regardless of if you are a Danish speaker or not and this has been a challenge for property sellers in Denmark for a while.

Enter digital estate agents / Online estate agents

The digitalisation of the estate agency market has brought with it change in a lot of countries. In some markets, like in the US, UK, and Germany, digital estate agency has now taken over big parts of the market and is helping people sell properties for significantly less, give significantly more transparency, and make the process much easier for everybody selling. There are different models within digital estate agencies, some are 100% digital where you get a digital valuation and have to do viewings yourself, and some employ agents but utilise technology to make the user journey much easier and to lower the cost for the consumer. 

Digital estate agency in Denmark

In Denmark, a digitally-focused estate agency hasn’t existed until recently. But with the foundation of Brikk, consumers can now sell their homes for less, have more transparency in both the process and in terms of understanding what is included in the package and for the price paid. This makes it significantly easier for non-native speakers to sell their property and is the reason why a lot of non-native speakers choose Brikk. Brikk also still has local estate agents employed all over the country. These are Brikk employees and all experienced estate agents.

And the answer to what the price is and what’s included is also quite simple: If you want to sell your home and open the door and do viewings with potential buyers yourself, the price is 12.500 DKK. And if you want to sell your home and have your local Brikk agent do the viewings, the price is 24.500 DKK. The package includes an A-Z service, as you would get with the more expensive estate agents (all the paperwork, negotiation, etc). But it actually also includes more. At Brikk we also include digital marketing in our packages, which means that we not only add the property to the big aggregator websites: Boliga and Boligsiden, but that we also build specific digital campaigns for each property. The result is that more potential buyers see your property. 

The catch you ask? There is none, it is simply a more modern and smarter way to sell your home. If in doubt check out Trustpilot (Brikk has 4.9/5) or check out some of the more than 500+ properties that Brikk has listed and sold the last few months.

Start by booking a valuation with your local Brikk agent now here: https://www.brikk.dk/vurdering/

You simply insert your postcode, choose a date and time and insert your information.

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